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For pedestrian dynamics research, the chair of computational modeling and simulation created a new pedestrian simulator under the lead of Peter M. Kielar. The simulator links modern concepts of practical and theoretical computer science with our in-depth background in pedestrian dynamics; thus, it is a perfect platform to implement new but also well-known behavior modeling approaches from the field of pedestrian dynamics.

The simulator enables our research group to rapidly research, develop, implement, analyze, and compare pedestrian behavior models. Hence, the simulator is a generic, extensible, and modular concept to integrate a broad range of pedestrian, utility and layout models. MomenTUMv2 provides a flexible execution pipeline to run any number of behavior models in arbitrary combinations. For example, a cellular automata model can be connected to a graph based routing model that is connected to an origin-destination matrix approach.

MomenTUMv2 is based on an evaluation of the software architecture of MomenTUM(v1), which is a pedestrian simulator created by Dr. Angelika Kneidl and Maximilian Bügler. Without their pioneer work, MomentTUMv2 could not be designed as it is.

Dear students, if you are interested, you can contribute to our simulator by implementing a model or extending and improving the simulator in multiple ways. Write an E-Mail to Peter M. Kielar and ask for a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, an interdisciplinary project or a student job.


Kielar, Peter M.; Biedermann, Daniel H.; Borrmann, André (2016)
MomenTUMv2: A Modular, Extensible, and Generic Agent-Based Pedestrian Behavior Simulation Framework
Technische Universität München, TUM-I1643

We applied multiple available tools, libraries, and frameworks in the simulation framework.
For details, take a look at the publication.


Peter M. Kielar (Researcher, lead developer, and software architect)
Daniel H. Biedermann (Researcher)

Bernd Tornede (Student assistant)
Quirin Aumann (Student assistant)
Fabian Hirt (Student assistant)

Sven Lauterbach (Master's thesis)
Daniel Büchele (Master’s thesis)

Martin Sigl (Interdisciplinary project)

Sonja Germscheid (Bachelor’s thesis)
Benedikt Schwab (Bachelor’s thesis)

Dr. Angelika Kneid (Original code base)
Maximilian Bügler (Original code base)


Peter Kielar

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