Building sustainably with concrete

Life-cycle management for reinforced concrete buildings

Project members: K. Lukas, A. Borrmann

Project partners: Zentrum für Baustoffe und Materialprüfung, TUM;
Project partners: Institut für Baustoffe, Massivbau und Brandschutz, TU Braunschweig;

Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Homepage of joint project: Building sustainably with concrete (in German)

Project description

Confronted with more and more aging building stocks on the one hand and strong limited public funds on the other hand, a couple of life-cycle management systems (LMS) have been developed by national and international research teams in the last years. A LMS is defined as a systematic approach for the organisation and execution of all activities which occur during the stages of planing, dimensioning, construction, final inspection, controlling during service (monitoring), maintenance, reinforcement and demolition including recycling. Part of this research project is the development of a predictive LMS. With a predictive LMS damages in the construction can be recognized at an early date, the condition changes in time of the building can be predicted, thus resulting in an optimized, more cost-effective, and sustainable maintenance of the building. The main features of a predictive LMS are:

  • Probabilistic methods for life-cycle dimensioning depending on the decisive deterioration mechanism over the whole lify-cycle.
  • Periodic condition gathering using pre-set inspection-schedules. These are done for the first time at the final inspection ("birth certificate"). The inspection rates, methodes, and points of time will be adjusted to the predicted condition of the building.
  • Monitoring systems will be used for the continuous collection of data.
  • Enhancement of life-cycle prediction using all gathered information about the condition of the building.
  • Use of probabilistic models for estimation of the durability of the applied reconditioning systems.
  • Development and specification of maintenance and recondition strategies based on inspection results and the condition prediction at building level.

A software tool for the described predictive life-cycle management system is under development.

Screenshot of the devloped LMS software tool



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