Lehrstuhl für Computergestützte Modellierung und Simulation
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Research projects

3D / 4D Building Information Modeling & Processing

TwinGen: KI-basierte Verfahren zur Generierung digitaler Zwillinge von Infrastrukturbauwerken ongoing
FOR2363: Representation and transfer of detailing processes based on formal graph transformation systems ongoing
Deep Linkage between Building Information Models and Digital Drawings ongoing
Development of a multi-LOD data model representing buildings at different phases finished
BIMsite: BIM-gestützte Planung, Simulation und Monitoring von Baustellen finished
Visual code compliance checking finished
Spatio-Temporal Query Language for Verifying and Analyzing 4D Building Information Models finished

Digital Twinning

AI4TWINNING ongoing 
BIM2TWIN ongoing
INTREPID - Intelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and assessmEnt in Perilous Incidents ongoing
Methods for creating digital twins of car manufacturing plants ongoing
progressTrack - Automated progress monitoring finished
Modeling of the TUM City campus finished

Simulation in Applied Mechanics

Additive manufacturing - process simulation  ongoing
Constructive Solid Geometry, B-Rep and V-Rep Analysis  finished
Additive Manufacturing in Construction - The Challenge of Large Scale  ongoing
Efficient Parallel Computations for the Finite Cell Method  ongoing
Structural Properties of Additively Manufactured Metal Parts by Homogenization  ongoing
Numerical Analysis of Human Vertebrae  ongoing
Image-based finite element analysis  ongoing
BIM-Coupled Vibroacoustic Simulation  finished
Fracture Mechanics  ongoing
Non-Destructive Testing Using Full Wave Form Inversion  ongoing
Organizational Structures in Massively Distributed Systems  ongoing

Building information modeling in infrastructure

RIMcomb - Rail Information Modeling für die Bahnausrüstungstechnik finished
IFC-Tunnel ongoing
IFC-Road / IFC-Rail finished
INFRABIM finished
IFC-Bridge finished
Open Infra Platform ongoing
SEEbridge - Semantic Enrichment Engine for Bridges finished
3DTracks - Rechnergestützte kooperative Trassenplanung in mehrskaligen Modellen finished
BASt: Linked data and ontologies and semantic web in the field of road traffic finished
KBE4Infra - Knowledge-based construction of infrastructure structures finished
Feasibility study BIM for existing bridges finished
IFC-Tunnel pre-standardization development finished
IFC-Alignment finished

Construction simulation and optimization

SPP 2187: Adaptive modularized constructions made in a flux: precise and rapid building ongoing
Construction process simulation and animation for the planning of bridge construction projects finished
FAUST - Simulation during construction finished
ForBAU - the virutal construction site finished

Pedestrian Dynamics

DISTANSIM: Implementierung von Social Distancing in Personenstromsimulationen  finished
BEYOND: AI-based optimization in early design phases of buildings using the analysis of pedestrian flows in Building Information Models ongoing
AHEAD: Automatic extraction of simulation requirements for pedestrian simulation from building information models finished
MomenTUM v2 pedestrian simulator ongoing
MultikOSi - Support systems for urban events: Multicriterial integration for openness and safety finished
REPKA - Interactive pedestrian simulation for regional evacuation finished

Lehrstuhl für Computergestützte Modellierung und Simulation

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