Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Technical University of Munich

The CMS team was succesful in winning the third prize in the international CV4AEC competition which was part of the 2nd International Workshop on Computer Vision in the Built Environment for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Buildings held in conjunction with the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2022.

The 2nd International Scan-to-BIM competition targeted on acquiring the semantic as-is status of buildings given their 3D point clouds. Specifically, it focused on the tasks of floorplan reconstruction and 3D building model reconstruction and present appropriate interdisciplinary metrics for solving them.

The CMS team contributed to the 3D Building Model Reconstruction Task, where the training data consisted of 11 floors from 7 buildings. For each model, there was an aligned point cloud in LAZ format. The 3D building coordinates for walls, columns and doors were presented in separate JSON files.

The succesful CMS team consisted of Mansour Mehranfar, Miguel Vega, Yuandong Pan, Saeed Mafipour, Florian Noichl and Fiona Collins. Congratulations!

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