Offered Bachelor's and Master's Theses

In all presented topics both Bachelor's and Master's Theses are offered. Furthermore, you can propose your own topic of interest. Please contact the corresponding responsible person with your proposition.

Subject Area 1: Building Information Modeling

Contact: Cornelius Preidel

Possible tasks

  • Modeling of buildings
  • Modeling of parametric components
  • Automatic calculation of evacuation plans

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Subject Area 2: Pedestrian Simulation

Contact: Peter Kielar, Oliver Handel, Daniel Biedermann

Possible tasks

  • Work and extend our pedestrian simulator MomenTUMv2
  • Topics on Space Syntax and pedestrian flow
  • Pedestrian Flow Simulation "2. Stammstrecke Marienhof"
  • Implementation, test and comparison of tracking tools

  • Experimental investigations in the area of pedestrian dynamics            

  • Validation of pedestrian simulators with real-world experiments

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Subject Area 3: Parametric Modeling of Infrastructure

Contact: Štefan Markič

Possible tasks

  • Parametric modeling of bridges, tunnels and U-/S-Bahn railway stations
  • Extension / Programming of available parametric CAD systems
  • New algorithms for parametric modeling

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Subject Area 4: Process Simulation and Optimization

Contact: Maximillian Bügler

Possible tasks

  • Preparation of input parameters
  • Optimization of construction schedules
  • Dependency generation from BIM
  • Site Layout planning using BIM
  • Analyze requirments on BIM models
  • Data Acquisition on construction sites

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Subject Area 5: Spatial queries for BIM

Contact: Simon Daum

Possible tasks

  • Räumliche Indizierungstechniken (Octrees, R-Trees, u.a.)
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
  • 2D / 3D / 4D Visualisierung
  • Geometrische Algorithmen

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Construction robotics

Contact: Maximilian Bügler

Possible tasks

  • Room surveying
  • Localization
  • Other applications of GoPiGo robots                         
  • ...

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