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Advanced Topics in Building Information Modeling

In this course, we discuss current BIM research topics as well as the practical application of Building Information Modeling . We do this on the basis of presentations by professionals and joint discussions of current scientific research. After completing the module you will be able to:

  • understand and analyze current scientific publications on Building Information Modeling
  • perform scientific research in the area of Building Information Modeling

To pass the module, the students have to give a 20-min presentation. They can choose a topic from either a pre-defined list or suggest theirown topic. The students must perform intense research, study the respective publications in the domain and present their results in a comprehensive oral presentation, followed by a joint discussion. In addition, a 20-page report has to be submitted by the end of the semester. Depending on the number of attendees, one topic might be assigned to a team of two students.

The presentations can be given either in English or German, depending on the participants' choice. The course instructions and communication are in English.

The lectures given by industry professionals will mainly be in German. Therefore, only students capable of following a lecture in German should select this course.

Please note: BIM.fundamentals and BIM.project are not formal prerequisites of BIM.advanced. However, students should only attend BIM.advanced if they either completed BIM.fundamentals or already have a good understanding of BIM methods and software.


This course is only offered in the summer semester.

The first lecture will take place on 16.04.2021. Attendance is mandatory.

Usually we would require personal attendance during the first lecture. As this will  not be possible this semester, we will set up a Zoom web meeting. All students who have registered for the course will be invited per email to attend this lecture and will receive a Zoom link.

As only a limited number of slots is available, we will make a selection among all registered students that show up in the first lecture.

  • Students may be chosen on basis of their specialization.
  • Registration on waiting list only.
  • The time of registering for the course is not relevant for the selection process.

Please register in TUMonline for the course in the respective module BV650002. Registration opens in March.


Friday, 09:45 am to 11:15 am, Zoom.

Attendance in all seminars is mandatory.
*The topics of the lectures will be announced at the beginnnig of the semester. 

Date Topic Speaker
16.04.2021 Introduction & Organization  Prof. André Borrmann
23.04.2021 tba*  
30.04.2021 tba*  
07.05.2021 tba*  
14.05.2021 No Lecture  
21.05.2021 tba*  
28.05.2021 tba*  
04.06.2021 No Lecture  
11.06.2021 tba*  
18.06.2021 tba*  
25.06.2021 tba*  
02.07.2021 Student Presentations  
09.07.2021 Student Presentations  
16.07.2021 Student Presentations  


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