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Starting in the summer semester 2021, the new elective module BIM.infra will be offered.

In this module students will learn how Building Information Modeling is applied in designing and constructing infrastructure facilities. To this end, the aspects of client information requirements and BIM project execution plans are addressed. Students also get insight into the BIM process from the basic data via spatial models to the planned design variant, taking into account the various specialist trades. In addition, application-oriented knowledge of industry-standard data exchange formats and software solutions is taught during the exercise. During the semester students work on their own infrastrucure design.

The full description of the module can be found on TUMonline. The language of the course is German.

External lecturer: Dr. Veit Appelt

Please note: The course BIM.infra is directed at students who want to focus on the application of BIM in infrastructure projects. BIM.infra is designed as a stand-alone course that introduces the general concept of BIM. While we recommend to also particiapte in BIM.fundamentalsBIM.project and BIM.advanced, those courses are not a prerequisite for BIM.infra. 


This course is only offered in the summer semester.

The first lecture will take place on 15.04.2021. Attendance is mandatory.

Usually we would require personal attendance during the first lecture.
As this will  not be possible this semester, we will set up a web meeting.
All students who have registered for the course will be invited per email to attend this lecture and will receive a Zoom link.

As only a limited number of slots is available, we will make a selection among all registered students that show up in the first lecture.

  • Students may be chosen on basis of their specialization.
  • Registration on waiting list only.
  • The time of registering for the course is not relevant for the selection process.
  • The corse will take place online.

Please register in TUMonline for the course. The registration opens in March.


Lecture: Thursday, 11:10-12:40

Exercise: Thursday, 13:00-14:30


The documents for the course are provided on Moodle.


Simon Vilgertshofer

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