Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering
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Industrial Applications of Structural Mechanics I


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Casimir Katz, CEO SOFiSTiK AG


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The lecture has two independant parts and starts in summer term (2nd Semester in COME, 8th Semester in Civil Engineering) with a part which is focused on classical structural analysis and civil engineering design:

  • What are the pitfalls in Simulation and Analysis ?
  • Beam and Cable Elements including geometric nonlinear effects
  • Plate and Shell Elements
  • Soil Mechanics Applications (Tunneling)
  • Shear walls and Lagrange Fluid Elements
  • Algorithms for the Design of reinforced concrete and Steel structures

The intention of the lecture is to give guidance for the problems when knowledge meets experience. The possibilities for success and failure of a numerical tool are greatly depending on the ability to validate the results. Many experiences have to be obtained during years of practice, but some valuable hints given in these lectures will allow the students to find a faster way through that process. Most examples have their roots in civil engineering, but the mathematical and mechanical basics are valid for all fields of computational mechanics.This lecture deals with the fundamental problem how to map the reality of a given structure and uncertain load condition to the mathematical analysis model and further from there to a software model. Each mapping is a projection in this sequence and will produce only a 'shadow' and thus will neglect some aspects. It is very important to be aware of those effects to be able to use and verify the results.

Lecture notes

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