Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Munich

Industrial Applications of Structural Mechanics II


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Casimir Katz, CEO SOFiSTiK AG


The second part in winter term (3rd Semester in COME, 9th Semester in Civil Engineering) extends the numerics to extended problems of multiphysics and dynamics.

  • Structural Dynamics
  • Earthquake, Soil structure Interaction, Wind dynamics
  • General Treatment of Laplace and Poisson DE
  • Heat flow and hydration effects
  • Groundwater seepage
  • CFD Analysis of wind pressures
  • Fire and Blast effects (CFD and structural)

The intention of the lecture is to give guidance for the problems when knowledge meets experience. The possibilities for success and failure of a numerical tool are greatly depending on the ability to validate the results. Many experiences have to be obtained during years of practice, but some valuable hints given in these lectures will allow the students to find a faster way through that process. Most examples have their roots in civil engineering, but the mathematical and mechanical basics are valid for all fields of computational mechanics.

Lecture Notes

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