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Lisa Hug, M.Sc.


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  • Softwarelab
  • Algorithmik partieller Differentialgleichungen (WS 2018/19)
  • Computational Linear Algebra (WS 2019/20, WS 2020/21)


▪  Hug, Lisa; Kollmannsberger, Stefan; Yosibash, Zohar; Rank, Ernst:
A 3D benchmark problem for crack propagation in brittle fracture
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2020
DOI: 10.1016/j.cma.2020.112905

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Conference Talks

▪  Hug, L.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Yosibash, Z.; Rank, E.:
Efficient Simulation of Crack Propagation in Complex Geometries Using a Phase-Field Model and the Finite Cell Method
In: World Congress in Computational Mechanics (WCCM), 2020

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▪  Garhuom, W.,; Hug, L.; Di Stolfo, P.; Hubrich, S.; Radtke, L.; Düster, A.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Rank, E.; Schröder, S.:
The Finite Cell Method: New hp-type discretizations and non-linear applications
In: Modern Finite Element Technologies (MFET), 2019

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▪  Hug, L.; Elhaddad, M.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Yosibash, Z.; Rank, E.:
A Phase-Field Model for Crack Propagation in 3D using the Finite Cell Method
In: International Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures (CFRAC), 2019

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▪  Jomo J., Carraturo M., Hug. L, Kollmannsberger S., Mundani R. P., Rank E.:
Numerical simulation of coupled problems in the context of the parallel hp-adaptive finite cell method
In: VIII International Conference on Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering, Sitges, Spain, 2019

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Supervised Student Projects

▪  Groß, Carolin:
Simulation of Crack Propagation in Core Samples using Phase-Field Models and the Finite Cell Method
Betreuer: Hug, L.
Masterarbeit, 2020

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