3D-based Life-Cycle Management for Bridges

Integration of digital photographs and traffic flow optimization

Team members: K. Lukas, A. Borrmann

Industry partners: WPM-Ingenieure GmbH

Funding: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie alt

Project description

A sustainable and systematic maintanance of infrastructural buildings is an important task for building managers. Due to a limited budget economical considerations play an important role. Here one has to consider that a building is not only economic if costs at planning and fabrication are low. Rather an investigation only then is profitable if also all relevant follow-up costs, including maintenance measures and demolitin respectively new construction, are considered. To be able to make feasible and reliable estimations about them, a true-to-life prognosis of the building's condition change over time is necessary.Within the scope of the research project "Building sustainably with concrete" (Nachhaltig Bauen mit Beton, NBB) our chair did basic research concerning the developement of a predictive life-cycle management system (PLMS) for reinforced concrete buildings. The scope of this project is to develope on this basis a software solution that is applicable in practical use.
One essential advantage of the solution developed in the NBB project in respect to the life-cycle management systems used currently in practice is, that inspection data is ont only stored alphanumerically but in reference to a virtual 3D model. The, from this data computed, current and future condition of the building also is visualized using the 3D model. This avoids misplacements at collecting inspection data and enables the engineer in charge to get an overview over the current and future condition as well as potential flaws of a building. The latter is of special importance due to the frequent changes of responsibility during the long lifetime of buildings.

This project further enhances the use of the 3D model. It is planed to implement functionalities to pin digital photographs to the virtual 3D model and to create an applicable hardware-/software- system to use the 3D model during an inspection.

Further an essential task of the project is the creation of fuctionalities to optimize the maintenance on network level. This will enable the manager of a multitude of bridges to choose the maintenance schedule so, that the impact on traffic is minimized. As at the same time the costs for maintenance per year shall be steadied and additional constraints occur due to measurements taken by third parties, this problem is a multi-objective optimization problem. It will be solved with graph-based meta-heuristic approaches (Genetic Algortithms, Ant Colony Optimization). To evaluate the quality of the different possible schedules, the optimization is coupled with the traffic simulator VISUM.



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Dipl. Ing. Katharina Lukas
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Bormann